About Us

Hi! We are On the Lord's Time (OTLT). Thank you for visiting our website. We are a family owned business started in our hometown of Fresno, California.

On the Lord's Time is an acknowledgement of Whose time we are on in this life. Because of Jesus Christ, every minute and every hour is a gift. Whether you are on a mission or ministry for your church or you are merely striving to live a Christ-centered life - your service, your work, your parenting, your friendshipping, your sacrifice, and your TIME spent doing so are all offerings to Him who taught us all to serve.

So serve. Sacrifice. Lift. Persevere. Teach. Preach. Live. And above all, love as the Savior loves.

On the Lord's Time. Remember Whose time you're on

Questions? Please contact us: hello@onthelordstime.com